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**New for 2024**
Both locations open year round!!
Ice Melt available at both locations!!

Soils, Garden Soil and Compost

Bulk & Bagged Soil and Compost

a variety of bulk and bagged soil and Compost for your next project

All prices listed are for pick up. Please call our Falls Road Office for delivery pricing.

Retail Bulk Products

Garden Gold

$51.00 / yard
$36.00 / half yard
Available at our Falls Road Office ONLY
We are happy to introduce our newest mix for raised beds and planting. Our mix combines high quality materials and is designed to be your “ready to plant” soil for raised beds and new veggie and flower gardens.

Screened Top Soil

$43.00 / yard
$27.00 / half yard
Available at both locations
Our Screened Top Soil is a natural virgin top soil that is scientifically analyzed to meet our high standards of quality. We then screen our soils through a 1/2″ screen to eliminate any large roots or rocks. An excellent product for any of your gardening needs.

Puregro Soil

$46.00 / yard
$29.00 / half yard
Available at both locations
Our Puregro Soil is a special blend of our quality Screened Top Soil and Puregro.

Puregro Compost

$46.00 / yard
$29.00 / half yard
Available at both locations
Our Puregro is an excellent soil amendment designed for use in various landscaping and edible garden applications. It is rich in organic matter to improve any soil structure and water holding capacity.

Custom Soil Mixes

call for pricing
Available at our Falls Road Office ONLY
Our Soil Mixes allow us to mix any material to fit your specific needs or spec. Please call us with your exact needs and pricing is based on the specific material in the mix.


$15.00 / bale
Available at both locations
Perfect top-dress for soil stabilization and seed germination. One bale covers approximately 300 sq. ft.

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